Aspects of Glass
Cambridge - Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th September 2017

Call for Posters
article posted 8 Aug 2017

There's still time!

As you can see, the Programme for all three streams of this conference is now full.

However, we do have scope for posters to be displayed throughout the three days of the meeting, so all delegates will have the opportunity to study them. If you would like to submit a poster, we'd be glad to hear from you - but please note that we expect the Presenting Author of a Poster to be present as a delegate at the conference so that the work can be properly discussed.

We can accept posters up to A0 in size, Landscape, which corresponds to 1189mm wide by 841mm tall.

Your abstract for the poster will be displayed on the Conference Website. You'll find a convenient template for your abstract
 H E R E 
Please email your abstract to
<[email protected]>

We look forward to hearing from you, and to receiving your conference registration - please register on line as soon as is convenient, to secure your place.

Accepted Posters:

 Natan Capobianco 
EPR and optical absorption spectroscopic study of Cu2+ in alkali borate glasses
 Atsushi Hashimoto 
Fracture and Cutting of Glass Plates under Local Compression
 Benjamin Heiz 
Switchable SPD for Smart Windows with Controlled Shading and Solar Energy Harvesting Ability
 Jana Hilderbrandt 
The mining Humpen of Halberstadt from 1579
 Neelam Iqbal 
Bioglass-Brushite Membranes for Biodegradable Microfluidics
 Ray-Jay Jeng 
Improvement of direct bonding strength of tellurite glass film with optical substrates in vacuum
 Sara Louro 
Stained glass paints: Grisaille and Yellow Stain
 Karima Morakchi 
Electrochemical studies of liquid-liquid interfaces
 Ângela Santos 
Sanguine red glass painting: historical recipes for production and application
 Olga Sidelnikova  
Morphological and structural special features of the gold nanolayer sputtered on the glass surface modified by surface ion exchange and chemical etching
 Manfred Torge 
Determination of lost paint layers by Scanning Electron Microscopy
 Birgit Verplancke 
A specific approach for the conservation of fragment windows
 Mylène Vigneron 
National Record of Stained Glass in Scotland