The Science & Technology
of Glass
Cambridge - Monday 4th to
Wednesday 6th September 2017

Index of Abstracts
article posted 4 Apr 2017

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 Benjamin Allsopp 
Optical and structural properties of PbO doped silicate glasses
 Antonios Anastasiou 
Mode-locked Laser Assisted Sintering and
Morphological Engineering of Gel-mineral based
Dental Biomaterials
- a new approach for the restoration of damaged enamel tissue!

 Paul Bingham 
Modelling the sulphate capacity of simulated radioactive waste borosilicate glasses
 Daniel T. Bowron 
Building experimentally consistent atomistic models of multicomponent glasses using diffraction data
 Georges Calas 
Structural control of the coloration of alkali borate glasses by 3d-elements
 Thibault Charpentier 
Combined Solid-State NMR and Molecular Dynamics Study of the Structure of Strontium-Aluminosilicate glasses
 Jamieson K. Christie 
Bone repair ions in phosphate-based glass
 Wei Deng 
Briquetting of recycled glass fine particles for container glass batch
 Yi-Cong Ding 
Glass-based magneto-optical microprobe
 Abdelmoumene Djeridi 
Mössbauer spectroscopic study of iron phosphate glass for radioactive waste storage
 Fouad El-Diasty 
Glass parameters affecting radiative lifetime for electronic transitions of luminescent dopants
 Edwin Flikkema 
Structure and ion dynamics of alkali-silicates: a simulation study
 Laurence Galoisy 
Linking color to structural properties of glasses
 Alex Hannon 
Bond valence analysis of phosphate structures
 Benjamin Heiz 
Switchable fluidic glass-glass laminates for real-world and large-scale application in building envelopes
 Rikiya Kado 
Structural Feature Induced by MgO substitution for Na2O in Aluminosilicate Glasses and Melts Investigated by High-Temperature Raman Spectroscopy
 Quyen Huyen Le 
Effect of AlF3 and Na2SO4 on the structure and properties of sodium phosphate glasses
 Ray-Jay Jeng 
Determination of the critical forming condition for ultra-thin tellurite glass film using glass blowing technique
 Odile Majérus 
An insight into the mechanisms of glass atmospheric alteration and their temperature dependence
 Martin Mika 
Electro-optically active nanoparticles in glass for fast infrared modulators
Squeezing glass
Molecular dynamics of oxide glasses as a complement to conceptual and experimental techniques
 Khalid Rmaydh Muhammed 
Lead-Free electrical Sodium Potassium Niobate Glass-Ceramics
 Josh Radford 
In-Situ Monitoring Of Volatile Radionuclides Produced By The Vitrification Of Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste
 Prince Rautiyal 
Irradiation effects in Indian and UK high level radioactive waste glasses
 Aaron Reupert 
Side-Emitting Fibers:
Coupling Guided Modes to Radiation Modes in Optical Fiber
via Fs-Laser Induced Microstructures

 Abdelmalek Roula 
A new theoretical approach to the never-ending quest
for assessing the Glass Forming Ability
of Bulk Metallic Glasses

 Charikleia Spathi 
Utilisation of food and biomass ash by-products in mainstream coloured container soda-lime-silica glass production
of Bulk Metallic Glasses

 Akira Takada 
Extension of thermodynamic concept using spatial sampling
Effect of different additives on the crystallization behaviour of BaO-SrO-ZnO-SiO2glasses
 Adja Touré 
Molecular dynamics simulation of phosphate based
bioactive glasses containing fluorine

 Shuchi Vaishnav 
The Role of BaO Modifier in Silicate and Borosilicate Glass Systems with High Sulphate Solubilities
 Natalia M. Vedishcheva 
Non-bridging oxygen atoms: Can they be present in low-alkali borate glasses?
 Lothar Wondraczek 
Glass property design informed through knowledge of network topology
 Adrian Wright 
Small Angle Scattering and the Cybotactic Theory, as Applied to Single-Component Glasses
 Yang Xia 
Cerium-Precipitation in Cerium Metaphosphate Glasses
 Xu Yang 
Structural Anisotropy in Hybrid Waveguide
 Hong Zheng 
Glass Research Activities at Johnson Matthey

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Glass Research Activities at Johnson Matthey