Stained Glass - Art at the Glass Surface
Cambridge - Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th September 2017

Index of Abstracts
article posted 19 May 2017

In the right hand column is a list of accepted papers for the Corpus Vitrearum Conservation Forum, entitled Stained Glass - Art at the Glass Surface

Abstracts are identified by Presenting Author (in alphabetical order of surname) and paper title.

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 Jonathan Cooke 
Scratching the surface: observations on techniques and characteristics of English commercial glass-painting of the late 19th Century
 Alison Gilchrist 
Severe paint loss from stained-glass windows: causes and conservation challenges
 Martha Hör 
Cold Paint on Stained Glass in Nuremberg around 1500 Patina, Varnish and Glazes
 Megan Stacey 
Artistic and Technical Dexterity: An Investigation of Medieval Jewel Techniques in Stained Glass

 Edyta Bernady 
Analysis of technology and state of preservation of medieval and modern paint layers on two stained-glass panels from the Dominican Monastery in Cracow, Poland
 Jordi Bonet 
Characterization of enamel used in stained glass in Barcelona at the end of the XIX century.
 Claire Boselie 
Commercial transparent cold paints used for inpainting on glass: a research into degradation parameters
 Amanda Chau 
The Sharp End of Conservation: The Reintroduction of Paint to a Mid-Nineteenth Century American Stained-Glass Window
 Chris Chesney 
Comparisons in the degradation in surface decoration in Lord Gort’s Stained glass collection at Hamsterley Hall Co. Durham
 Mary Clerkin Higgins  
Bringing Back the Ghosts
 Annika Dix  
Original cold paint on early modern stained glass at the Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg
 Sarah Jarron 
Loss and reinvention: the changing surface of two Renaissance stained glass windows from Sint-Genovevakerk, Steenhuffel, Belgium
 Linda Kvarnström 
Retouching the past
 Laura Tempest 
Thomas Jervais and the East Window of Agher Parish Church, County Meath
 Barbara Trichereau 
Restoration of Louis-Germain Vincent-Larcherin the 19th century at Troyes cathedral
 Sophie Wolf 
Cold paint on medieval stained glass: The choir windows of Berne Minster
 Birgit Verplancke 
A specific approach for the conservation of fragment windows
 Sara Louro 
Stained glass paints: Grisaille and Yellow Stain
 Ângela Santos 
Sanguine red glass painting: historical recipes for production and application
 Manfred Torge 
Determination of lost paint layers by Scanning Electron Microscopy