The Science & Technology
of Glass
Cambridge - Monday 4th to
Wednesday 6th September 2017

Lothar Wondraczek
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article posted 09 August 2017

Lothar Wondraczek holds the Chair of Glass Chemistry at the University of Jena, and is director of its Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research. Before moving to Jena in 2012, he held positions at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (2008-2012) and with Corning, S.A. (2005-2008). Is work has been recognized with various awards, among them an ERC grant in 2016 and the W.A. Weyl and Gottardi-Awards in 2013.

Glass property design informed through knowledge of network topology
Lothar Wondraczek
Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research, Friedrich Schiller University Frauenhofer Straße 6, D-07743 Jena, Germany

In this tutorial, various approaches will be discussed which use or pretend to use knowledge of glass network topology in the design of macroscopic physical properties. Starting from the consideration of topological constraints, potentials and limitations of simplistic tools shall be elucidated. We will then focus on hands-on examples relating to the understanding of mechanical and optical properties.