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article posted 22 May 2017

Dr Hong Zheng obtained a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2002 and joined JMTC in 2007 and has been involved in glass research activities related automotive enamels, glass processing and technical glass materials at JMTC.

Glass Research Activities at Johnson Matthey
Hong Zheng*, Jonathan Booth

Johnson Matthey Technology Centre, Blountís Court, Reading, RG4 9NH

Johnson Matthey (JM) Advanced Glass Technologies (AGT) is a leader in the supply of high performance materials to the automotive glass, electronic, and technical glass markets. For future sustainable business growth, it is vital to constantly improve existing product ranges as well as developing a new product portfolio of technical glass frits, glass powders and inks. Obtaining new IP and process capability in glass technologies gives access to fast growing niche markets and helps maintain differentiation through technology.

To enable product improvements, the fundamental understanding and the glass science which underpin the properties of our glass products are the key. The glass research activities at Johnson Matthey Technology Centre (JMTC) differ from the day to day product development carried out at the production site in that they focus on improving the fundamental understanding and mechanism investigations on a relatively long-term basis. The technical insights obtained from this understanding research prove vitally important in contributing solutions to many commercial product issues. JMTC is equipped with state of the art analytical equipment and techniques such as solid state NMR, SEM/TEM, EPMA, XPS, XRD etc. are used intensively in the characterisation of glass products.

Apart from providing direct technical supports to JM AgT business, JMTC glass research has also actively collaborated with external partners such as universities and research institutions on various EU, Innovate UK projects as well as sponsoring PhD students and working with national facilities such as Diamond and ISIS.