A Fragile Heritage
Aspects of Historic Glass
Cambridge - Wednesday 6th September 2017

Neil Simpson
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article posted 23 July 2017

Neil Simpson has Honours Bachelor of Engineering in Energy from Napier in Edinburgh. He joined Laidlaw Drew in the Development Department and in the early 90's developed oxy burners including oxy oil. Joined BOC in Maumee OH as part of CGM Development team. BOC GMIC representative and Chair of Energy Efficiency committee. Ticket "Home" was through Eclipse as Glass Industry Manager before rejoining BOC in UK responsible for Glass, Metals and Cement Application Sales.

Three years ago Geoff Evans convinced Neil if he wanted to be an Independent Consultant best to do it early 50's. Over 20 published patent applications Neil is Chartered Engineer, Member of Energy Institute and Member of Institute Refractory. Neil is a Fellow of The Society of Glass Technology. Until recently was Chairman of Board of Fellows and Chaired the SGT Melting Technical Committee which organises annual seminars under the title "Furnace Solutions".

- 2013 Received the Linde Gas Innovation Award for a combustion technology

- 2017 Received BG Glass Focus Innovation Award for work with Encirc & Land

Archival film footage of Alloa Factory producing glass bottles
Neil Simpson FSGT
Independent Consultant

Earlier this year whilst running the CelSian NCNG Training Course at SGT in Chapeltown one of the attendees mentioned a 1950's film celebrating 200 years of glass manufacture at Alloa. This site is believed to be the oldest continuously operating industrial bottle factory in the world.

The employee was able to get a copy emailed and they presented one lunch time. Concerned that the footage may be lost, permission was sought from the current owners of the Alloa Plant, Owens Illinois [OI], who have approved its presentation at this year's Conference.

Whilst it is possible to download the footage from youtube the intent is to identify some of the similarities and differences with glass manufacture today.